Thursday, April 4, 2013

r i o t _ m e a d o w s - b i o t o p e s (2013)

Drifting about in an unassuming corner of the global web is r i o t _ m e a d o w s, conjuring moss-drenched Endless Summer-era vibes both future-oriented yet blissfully primeval. In 'd a w n _ w i t h y o u' vast swathes of energy coalesce, vaporise, surge and dissipate in yawning cycles, with bass-synths punctuating the overall mix and forming a trail through the beautifully disorientating haze. Enter 'o t h e r b o a r d' for supreme levitation, where the echoes of future worlds slip time boundaries and energise your temporal lobe. Pass further on with 'i c e _ p a t t e r n s' and project your body in astral form to distant crystalline realms, then locate one golden idea and realise it back here in the material world.

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