Saturday, March 2, 2013


Cloudburst; sunlight leaking through humid fields of tropic rain; the atmosphere dense with sweat; human breathing, human movement; a coral atoll visible not far away, sand between the toes, waves rolling in up to the knees, bass heavy in the chest and rattling nearby palm trees; the high is sweet and real, the vibes pure.

If everyone in the world all of a sudden decided that it would be MORE FUN to just get along, what would take place?

gimme Bewilder Beast, a soundsystem, the beach, sunset communions…

It's a question I ask my kids when I teach. Then: what if these things we envisioned just went ahead anyway? Maybe we could bring about little bursts of paradise by working backwards? Our world is simply the realtime arrival of ideas from human minds. When it comes to the arrangement of human society, all it takes is an agreement to play by an idea.

'Push'd Out' thrums and kicks with hi-energy synth - it's the arrival of joyful relief setting in with a sincere recognition of our origins; that we are as much skin and bone as we are anger and joy, as much dust and ash as human son or daughter, and as much bird and mammal as we are anything ever fired up into life beneath the offering sun. 

This whole album, easily one of my favorites from 2012, just oozes with joy. Another feeling sets in - it may not be what inspired the music, but it's what the music inspires in me, and it's the simple fact that all people, no matter where you look, want nothing more in this world than to be happy. It's the great equaliser. Try just twenty minutes alone with this idea, eyes closed, with Bewilder Beast for company, and wonder... 

To me, it seems our only problem is that we differ in our ideas as to how to bring about this happiness. All strife begins here. For me, the question of all ages is this: Can we learn to play by an idea which includes everyone as a player in an infinitely changing, ever-dissolving and ever re-forming cycle?

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